Family or Dependent Visa

Through sponsorship from a resident of Canada, foreign nationals can become permanent residents of the nation. Spouses, common-law partners, dependent children (including adopted children), same-sex partners, and specific family members like parents or grandparents are all eligible for sponsorship.

It is noteworthy that sponsors must provide post-arrival financial support to their sponsored partner or relative in Canada. Sponsors also need to make sure that the people they are supporting don't get any funding from the Canadian government. In the event that such support is granted, the sponsor is required to reimburse it.

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Family Members Eligible for Sponsorship

Parent / Grandparent

There is an annual cap on the number of applications that are accepted for sponsorship of parents and grandparents to seek permanent residency in Canada. The Super Visa Program offers an additional choice after this cap is reached. Through this program, grandparents and parents can travel to Canada on multi-entry visas that have a maximum 10-year validity.



Spouse/Common-Law Partner

There are two main types of federal spousal sponsorship programs available in Canada.


Inland sponsorship is specifically designed for couples residing together in Canada. In this program, the foreign spouse who holds temporary status in Canada can obtain an open work permit, allowing them to work for any Canadian employer while their inland sponsorship application is being processed.


The Outland sponsorship process is intended for spouses or partners who are living outside of Canada. The application is handled under this scheme by the applicant's home country's visa office. It's important to remember, though, that candidates may apply through the Outland program even if they are already present in Canada.



Dependent Children

Sponsors have the opportunity to bring their children, whether biological or adopted, who are living in another country to Canada through the Dependent Child Sponsorship Program.


Conjugal Partner

Sponsorship may still be available to partners who cannot live together for a full year at the same address because of unforeseen situations like immigration, marital status, or sexual orientation.It's

Same Sex Partner

Same-sex partners are eligible for sponsorship to Canada through an application from their respective partner. If they were married in Canada, partners need to provide a marriage certificate issued by the provinces, covering the dates specified below.

Other Relative / Friend

Family sponsorship in Canada encompasses various relationships, including those of unmarried friends, relatives, siblings, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, and individuals in common-law relationships who are under 18 years old.