Humanitarian And Compassionate Grounds

A Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) application in Canada is a request for permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. It's typically submitted by individuals who are unable to meet the regular requirements for permanent residency but have compelling reasons to stay in Canada. These reasons could include factors such as establishment in Canada, best interests of any children involved, and

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the potential for hardship if returned to their home country. H&C applications must include comprehensive supporting documents as well as an engaging story that explains the applicant's exceptional situation and justifications for seeking special attention. In the event that the application is approved, they might be given humanitarian and compassionate grounds for permanent residence, which would enable them to stay in Canada and provide for their families.

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Some Key Aspects Of The H&C Application


People must show that they would experience hardship or other extraordinary circumstances if they were forced to leave Canada in order to be eligible for an H&C application. Risk of persecution, risk to life or safety, and establishment and integration into Canadian society are a few examples of such factors.


In order to support their H&C application, applicants must submit comprehensive evidence and documentation, such as personal statements, letters of recommendation, and any other pertinent records that attest to the applicant's humanitarian and compassionate intentions.

Discretionary Decision

Immigration officials retain the option to approve or deny an application based on the particular circumstances of each case when deciding whether to grant permanent residency on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Factors Considered

When reviewing an H&C application, immigration officials take into account a number of considerations, including the applicant's ties to Canada (such as family ties, community connections, and length of stay) and the best interests of any children involved.

Processing Time

Depending on the amount of applications being handled and the intricacy of the case, processing timelines for H&C applications can differ. Applicants must have patience and be ready for what could be a drawn-out procedure

Legal Assistance

Due to the intricacy of H&C applications and the subjective nature of the decision-making process, a lot of applicants opt to work with immigration attorneys or consultants that focus on compassionate and humanitarian situations.

Efforts to Regularize Status

Demonstrating efforts made by the applicant to explore and pursue other avenues for obtaining permanent residency in Canada, such as applying through other immigration programs or seeking legal advice.