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Work Permit Visa

Canada uses work permits to entice overseas candidates to fill job opportunities.

In order for applicants to work temporarily, they must obtain a work permit or an employment offer from a Canadian employer. One requirement for the issuance of a work visa in Canada is that the applicant work for the employer providing the sponsorship. This agreement is subject to review and approval by the Canadian Labor Market Opinion (LMO) and Sponsor.

A work permit outlines the rules and conditions of an immigrant's stay and employment in Canada, including the job description, employer name, and length of employment. Additionally, the spouse may qualify for an open work permit while their children are enrolled in elementary and secondary education.

Open Work Permit

The "Study and Stay in Canada" program offers foreign students an exceptional chance to engage fully in Canadian academic pursuits while enjoying the freedom of an open work visa. You can pursue your academic interests and gain real-world experience in your field without being tied to a job offer. With no broad employment restrictions, you are free to follow your professional objectives and contribute to Canada's diverse workforce. Explore Canada's cultural landscape while building a foundation for your future career. Join us and embark on a journey of professional development and academic excellence in one of the friendliest and most inclusive countries on earth. Realize your potential and thrive in a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity, creativity, and international perspectives.

Open Work Permit Requirement​

For Foreign students

You need to hold a current study permit in order to be eligible for an open work permit. You can attend a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada and study there with a study permit.

You have to be enrolled full-time in an Off-Campus Work Permit Program (OCWPP) participating designated learning institution (DLI). In Canada, the majority of universities and colleges with public funding take part in this initiative.

Certain eligibility requirements must be met by your academic program. Programs leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate that are undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate and last at least six months are generally acceptable.

To be eligible for an open work permit, your study program must be full-time and at least six months in duration.

Depending on your eligibility and circumstances, you can apply for an open work permit either by paper application or through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website once you meet the eligibility requirements.

For Spouse / Common law partner

To be eligible for an open work permit, the spouse or common-law partner must have valid temporary resident status in Canada. This could include being in Canada as a visitor, student, or worker.

The applicant must provide evidence to prove their relationship with the principal applicant. This could include marriage certificates, common-law partnership documents, or other supporting documentation.

The spouse or common-law partner must meet the general admissibility requirements to enter and stay in Canada, including not being inadmissible for criminality, security, health, or other reasons.

Jobs Requiring No Work Permit​

There are several jobs or activities in Canada that people might be able to perform without requiring a work permit. These exclusions are usually restricted and only apply in certain circumstances. The following are some instances of occupations or pursuits that might not call for a work permit in Canada:

Business Visitors

People who travel to Canada for business—for example, to attend conferences, meetings, or training sessions—may not need a work visa. They are not permitted to participate in the Canadian labor market or take part in direct employment activities.

Military Personnel

Under the Visiting Forces Act, foreign military personnel stationed in Canada are permitted to carry out military tasks without a work visa.

Emergency Service Providers

When reacting to an emergency in Canada, foreign emergency service providers—such as firefighters or medical personnel—may work without a work permit.

Performing Artists and Athletes

If they meet certain requirements and don't participate or perform for longer than a set amount of days, some athletes and performing artists may not need a work permit for specified short-term tournaments or performances.


A work permit may not be necessary for people volunteering for nonprofit or religious organizations, taking part in some unpaid internships or work placements outside of an official educational program, or volunteering in other capacities.

Students on Campus

As long as they fulfill specific requirements, foreign students studying in Canada with a valid study permit are allowed to work on campus at their current school without obtaining a separate work permit.

Foreign Representatives and Diplomats

Provided they fulfill specific requirements and receive accreditation from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, foreign diplomats, consular officers, representatives of international organizations, and their families are permitted to work in Canada without a work permit.